It’s Time to Try Automated DNA Size Selection

Hey, Manual Gel Users! Still spending a full day running gels to size select your DNA?

Study after study has shown that manual gels are nonreproducible, inefficient, and prone to both error and contamination. (Check out our blog posts about two of the papers here and here.)

Automated DNA size selection from Sage Science takes just 5 minutes of hands-on time and can shave 8 hours off your sample prep workflow — and it’s far more precise and reproducible than manual gels. Run up to five samples at once without risk of cross-contamination. Proper sizing removes low molecular weight content such as adaptor-dimers that would otherwise load preferentially on a sequencer, improving the efficiency of each run and maximizing the amount of useable sequence data produced.

Watch the video below to learn about targeted fractionation with Pippin:


The Pippin™ platform from Sage Science has been proven in independent studies to be the most efficient, reproducible, precise, and highest-yielding automated size selection technology available (see the blog posts above as well as this one). You can select a desired size range or simply collect all fragments larger than a certain size.

Find out how Pippin can save time and money for your lab:

Pippin Prep for DNA fractions from 90bp to 8Kb

BluePippin for DNA fractions from 90bp to 50Kb

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