Why Do Bioinformaticians Love Pippin?

Pippin Prep and BluePippin are favored by bioinformatics experts. They value the higher-quality NGS data that can be assembled with greater precision and confidence thanks to the most reliable DNA size selection method available.

The secret is tight and reproducible library size distributions, which is only practical with a top-performing, automated solution. Scientists who have done the bake-off between manual gel extraction and Pippin automated sizing report that our platform provides more robust and accurate size selection. One team of researchers comparing Pippin to manual gels noted that “careful practitioners can achieve roughly 50% of the precision and repeatability of automated DNA size selection.” (Peterson et al., PLoS One, 2012.)

Other studies have shown that Pippin outperforms other automated sizing options as well. (See this paper from Duhaime and this one from Quail.)

Learn how customers at The Genome Analysis Centre and the National Research Council use their Pippins to yield higher-quality genome assemblies.

tight size


Pippin can provide a narrower fragment size distribution than any other method, and the distribution range can be modified with adjustments in software.

Also, LMW fragments are nearly absent from libraries. This reduces wasted reads and ambiguous variant calls when compared to bead or gel purifications. 

Check out Pippin for your NGS pipeline, and treat yourself to some great data.




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