Sage Product FAQs


What is the expiration date on Sage products?
Most cassettes and markers will last for 18 months from the lot date printed. However, high molecular weight markers (used with 0.75% agarose gel cassettes) have a 12-month shelf life.

What cassette/ kit do I need for my DNA size selection?
The size range of our cassettes for each product can be found in the cassette kit reference charts under the “Support” tab for that product.

What reagents come with cassette orders?
Every cassette package includes sufficient running buffer and marker and/or loading solution for run all of the included cassettes.

I ran out of marker. Can I use marker from a different instrument?
No, markers are unique to each instrument type.

I ran out of marker. Can I buy more as a standalone product?
Yes, all markers are available as individual products. However, these products are not visible on our online store. To purchase these products, please contact our sales department either by email at or phone at 978-922-1832.

How long will it take for my products to arrive?

For US orders, most cassettes and reagents are shipped overnight and will arrive the next day if placed before 4 PM EST. In-stock instruments usually take 5-7 business days. These shipping times are not guaranteed, so contact us if a more definitive shipping estimate is needed for your order.

Do you ship outside the US?
Yes, but all international orders must placed with our distribution partners for that country.

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