Paired-End Sequencing

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Cleaner WGS Libraries from the Pippin Prep

During electrophoresis of DNA through agarose gels, a small fraction of the sample DNA binds to the gel matrix as it passes through. This bound DNA fraction is released by manual gel extraction procedures that dissolve the gel. This released low molecular weight DNA contaminates the non-gel-bound DNA from the processed gel slice. Size fractionation on the Pippin Prep avoids this problem since the desired DNA fraction is electroeluted from the separation gel. As a result, Pippin Prep libraries have little or no low molecular weight shoulders, that frequently cause problems in libraries generated by manual extraction methods.(click the thumbnail to enlarge).

A cleanly-sized library improves:

Sequence efficiency – by providing more accurate quantification of DNA loading concentrations

Data quality efficiency – by making structural variation and indel discovery more straightforward
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