Join Us at AGBT 2019!






Come find us at LANAI #288

Stop by any time and have a visit!

View our new brochure:  HLS-CATCH  system for HMW DNA Target Enrichment

See the Sage Related Posters:

Poster #308

“Targeted sequencing of highly homologous genes using Cas9 digestion”

– Chris Boles, Sage Science

Poster #801

“Discovery of structural variable diplotypes using targeted genome assembly”

-GiWon Shin, et al., Stanford University School of Medicine, Oncology Division

Poster (Sage Lanai Suite)

“High-Pass DNA Size Selection for Recovery of a Highly Degraded Sample for Oxford Nanopore Long-Read Sequencing”

-Darren Heavens, Earlham Institute


We’re Joining Forces with SeqWell for a Genomian Rhaspsody!

Vendor Passport Party Thursday, 9:30 Lanais 188 & 288

Queen Karaoke!  Rock Photo Boooth!


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